Effects of MBT:

• Difficulties in the waist, back, joints, muscles and other musculoskeletal system are reduced.
• Being overweight accelerates calorie burning and improves lower limb circulation.
• Proper posture is restored, the goose leg is improved by lifting the sacral arch.
• The muscles of the lower limbs and torso are strengthened, the load on the spine and joints is reduced and their wear is reduced.
• Muscle and joint pain is relieved.
• Thighs, buttocks, abdomen will contract, posture will be straighter.


Overweight people, for future mothers, for those who walk a lot on hard ground, dieters, those who wear stomach rings, for those who have pain in the lower back and spine, joints and musculoskeletal system, varicose veins and narrowed blood vessels.

The MBT indication area is very wide:

In the field of medicine:

- Back and waist pain, back problems, muscle pain due to incorrect posture, low back pain.
- Complaints of ankle and transverse sagging (flat foot).
- In obesity and overweight, increased work of internal muscles burns more calories and reduces the load on the joints.
- Cellulite, cellulite: continuous muscle work improves lymphatic circulation.
- Avoid venous problems, low back and joint pain in pregnant women and expectant mothers.
- Strengthening the pelvic floor and dam muscles.
- Varicose veins of the lower limbs.
- narrowed vessels of the lower limbs (grade I and II).
- Abrasive joint diseases.
- Forelegs and heel pain, Achilles problems.
- Supplementation of injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments, postoperative rehabilitation, learning to walk after trauma.
- Prevention of vascular complications of diabetes.

In sports:
- Warming up before training and competitions reduces the risk of injury.
- Helps with recovery after loading.
- The running technique can be improved.
- You can use it to achieve stronger and faster muscle work.

The flat foot insole, which supports the fallen arch, but takes over the work of the muscles that would be responsible for holding the arch of the foot, further weakens the muscles and the symptoms become even more pronounced. Wearing traditional footwear makes the situation even worse, makes it impossible for the foot to support it and causes any "passive action" to collide with the joints. MBT can eliminate these difficulties!