Walking on hard surfaces is unhealthy for the human body. We are used to sidewalks being paved and streets being covered in asphalt, but did you know that the human body is not meant to walk on these surfaces? The discomforts which we suffer daily during walking or even standing still are caused by the hardened surfaces we walk on.

Every landing of the heel and the forefoot creates a shockwave that travels through to the skeleton and wears down cartilage and vertebrae.

Even when you are standing still, the forefoot and the heel have to endure the pressure of the body caused by gravity.

Standing and walking on a softer surface is much less painful. Because it is difficult to replace pavements and streets with sand and grass, MBT offers a solution. By every step, the shock of the impact is softened by a soft cushion in the heel – the sensor. Subsequently, the half-round shape of the shoe stimulates a natural unrolling of your foot. Additionally, the MBT shoes reduce bodily discomfort of irritating pressure points in the heel and forefoot when you stand still, because you balance naturally on the artificial mound under your midfoot. This distributes the pressure and unburdens the body.