Arthritis occurs when the elastic cartilage between bones, for example between hinged joints, becomes thinner and softer. Arthritis is not something that only occurs in old age, but it may also be the result of, for instance, doing sports, which wears down the elastic cartilage. The cartilage between the joints allows the joints to move smoothly against each other. When the amount of cartilage is reduced, this results in painful, stiff movements. Joints which you use during walking - such as the ankles, knees, hips and the vertebrae - suffer slowly but surely the same reduction/the same loss of the cartilage.

Further arthritis in those joints can be prevented by wearing MBT shoes. Both the softening of the impact with the ground while walking and encouraging an upright posture relieve the stress on the cartilage. While normal footwear puts a strain on the elastic capability of the cartilage, the MBT shoe relieves the joints and stimulates the flexible muscles instead. Further arthritis is avoided and you can walk comfortably again, thanks to the MBT shoes.