Sports and running

In the late 90's and early 2000's, MBT debuted with fitness walking shoes with a unique rocker profile. What is a rocker profile? It is a convex or outwardly curved shape of the bottom of the shoe that creates a feeling of rolling while walking or running. In other words, the unique geometry of the underside of the shoe helps the foot to roll forward immediately on contact with the ground.

The shoes have gained a reputation.

MBT has produced many sports-related sports shoes, but running shoes have only recently been officially introduced. Each has a rocker profile, a rigid nylon shank in the foot area and a foam foam midsole with a bit of density, which is softer at the heel, semi-hard in the middle of the foot and firm in the front of the foot.
Every sports person will find their new MBT shoes. Simba, GTR, Speed, GT2, Colorado, Z3000 or Huracan models. Just choose.