If you find

your new MBT shoes with us, you are supporting the orphaned children of the Deva Puppy Manufactory.
We send a hand-painted wooden tile as a gift for each order
Let's help together! Help is a privilege!

"On the edge of the clouds  
 An angel sees everything, 
 The Earth is drew by the kids, 
 Little, unsharpened
 Color pencils"


At the orphenage of Deva, we are working with teenagers and youngsters to show them how the creative activity is helping to feel joy, happyness and spiritual balance.

The results of this crative process are artworks, which have a special attraction, and transmits a positive feeling to other people. Besides this the younsgters starts to better know themself, become more patient and present in their life.
In this way they gain also some problem-solving skills, which will help them a lot in the future.